Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trip's Jounrey

Hello, there first I would like to welcome you to this blog. This blog is going to be an interesting social experiment. My Wife is pregnant with our first child. This child is the first for both of us ( Yes, I know now a days this is a bit different but its just the way things worked out). Like I was saying this is our first child and its A BOY !!!!!!. We both our soo happy, proud scared and all the other emotions that come with becoming a new parent. And yes I want the world to see my wonderful little boy. So this is the idea of the blog. I'm going too document his entire childhood over the net and a father can only hope that one day he, Michael D Gates III a.k.a "Trip" for triple will take over the site.
The blog will included everything from his successes and his failures. The first thing you should about little Trip is that he is due on Sept. 22 of this year. So We are about 26 weeks along and the little guy has had a tremendous journey already. Last Saturday I felt his first punch (that I could feel) I can't tell you how I as the future father felt but at the same time I it hit me like a ton bricks and I now have a sense of urgency to get things ready for little Trip.
So I hope that you join us in experiencing Trip's journey.
God Bless