Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a day!!!

Today was a good day for me!!! Even though I really don't have much to compare it too but the last 14 days. Ohh yea I was 2 weeks old yesterday. Man, how time is just flies by but, before you know it I'll be holding my own head up. I'm already making noises and it seems like I'm trying to talk but my folks know that's just a little too soon.
Ohh yea yesterday I went to the doctors office again and I really hate going there because they strip me down and I have to show my woo to everyone in the office. What the heck is up with that? How would my folks feel if they had to strip down and be thrown on a cold scale. The doctor is a nice lady but she keeps wanting me to come back every week and I don't understand why? She says I'm healthy and everything looks good! Heck she didn't even believe the M.A. that first took my weight so, I got thrown on the scale again. Yup I'm gaining weight back up to 7.9 oz my birth weight. The doctor thought I should be up a little more than that so I guess that is the reason why she wants me to come back again and again. Heck what the heck do I know I'm only two weeks and a day old. I'm allowed to make mistakes.

Today I had to go get my little hip ultra-sounded to make sure everything looked OK since the doctors at the hospital thought I may have a issue with it popping out of socket. But, today I was heading back and forth to the doctors office again to make sure everything with my hip is OK which it is. I'm really not liking these people at all. But, they are keeping my healthy and since I rely on my mommy the most and daddy too they know whats best for me....I guess

I wanna tell you about my diapers that I have been using. I love Pampers diapers!!!!!! The yellow line that turns blue when I wet truly helps out and my folks as new parents love it too. Plus we have tried other large name brand diapers and they leak like crazy. So I think all babies should unite for Pampers Diapers they rock!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trip has entered the world!!!!

Hello my name is Trip, Today I'm two weeks old. I'm having my father write this since all I pretty much do is eat, sleep and, poop at the moment. Let me explain to you the events that have transpired on the day I made my big arrival.

It was a Monday night(Sept. 26th) Mommy and Daddy check in at The Christ Hospital here in Cincinnati. They placed something around my mommy to get me ready to come into the world. I wasn't having it at all. So Tuesday they stated her on the inducing drugs to move things along. Then about 530/6 (Sept 27th) the nice comfy water that I have being living in just starting making the swooshing sound and I looked down and saw the water going in a spiral out of my little area. Then things got quite very quite for just a few minutes. Then all of a sudden I feel this cold hand coming up and checking to see where I was at. I felt a little bit of tugging on my cord that has been feeding me this whole time. Little did they know that I had played a trick on them the first of many to come I'm sure. What was it? I turned and put my feet down first. I think the adults call this being breech. Then my second trick was to take my feet and pushed the cord so it was coming out first. I thought it was kinda of funny but I heard all kinds of commotion out in the world that I didn't know about and then I thought what have I done. The doctors seemed to be real worried so the next thing I know I feel the cold, cold air(6:32 pm) of the O.R. and a bunch of rather large people tugging and pulling on me under this heat lamp. Then I was wrapped up and handed to my dad. Daddy showed me to my Mommy and we were one happy family. They finished sewing up mommy, daddy and I were whisked away to the special care unit where I got stuck and had my first bath. I really didn't like it but after it was all said and done I'm Happy to be here and can't wait to see what the I have to offer to the world