Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trip has entered the world!!!!

Hello my name is Trip, Today I'm two weeks old. I'm having my father write this since all I pretty much do is eat, sleep and, poop at the moment. Let me explain to you the events that have transpired on the day I made my big arrival.

It was a Monday night(Sept. 26th) Mommy and Daddy check in at The Christ Hospital here in Cincinnati. They placed something around my mommy to get me ready to come into the world. I wasn't having it at all. So Tuesday they stated her on the inducing drugs to move things along. Then about 530/6 (Sept 27th) the nice comfy water that I have being living in just starting making the swooshing sound and I looked down and saw the water going in a spiral out of my little area. Then things got quite very quite for just a few minutes. Then all of a sudden I feel this cold hand coming up and checking to see where I was at. I felt a little bit of tugging on my cord that has been feeding me this whole time. Little did they know that I had played a trick on them the first of many to come I'm sure. What was it? I turned and put my feet down first. I think the adults call this being breech. Then my second trick was to take my feet and pushed the cord so it was coming out first. I thought it was kinda of funny but I heard all kinds of commotion out in the world that I didn't know about and then I thought what have I done. The doctors seemed to be real worried so the next thing I know I feel the cold, cold air(6:32 pm) of the O.R. and a bunch of rather large people tugging and pulling on me under this heat lamp. Then I was wrapped up and handed to my dad. Daddy showed me to my Mommy and we were one happy family. They finished sewing up mommy, daddy and I were whisked away to the special care unit where I got stuck and had my first bath. I really didn't like it but after it was all said and done I'm Happy to be here and can't wait to see what the I have to offer to the world

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